It is the Policy of People of Rio Servicios Fluviales SRL to create VALUE for our clients, that is, that what the client perceives is greater than the expectations they have when contracting our services, for which it is necessary to comply with the following premises:

  • Deliver a little more than what the customer expects.
  • Provide services respecting the legal and regulatory requirements of our activity.
  • Continuously improve as people and as workers, in order to remain competitive in what we do.
  • Optimize the processes we carry out in each of the areas of our company.
  • Prioritize relationships between all stakeholders (State - Community -Shareholders - Collaborators - Customers and Suppliers)
  • Build and maintain a motivated human team, promoting their training, their participation and providing them with all the information and all the necessary tools to carry out their work in a comfortable environment.
The People Department of Rio Servicios Fluviales SRLb> is committed to applying and communicating this Quality Policy, through the effective implementation of these premises in all the processes of the organization and in our relationship with all interested parties.
January 2022


To be the reference company at a national level in
the provision of the following services:

  • Mooring and Unmooring.
  • River and maritime logistics for the transfer of Provisions..
  • River and maritime logistics of People.


The Mission of our company is to provide the services of Mooring and Logistics of Provisions and People, generating the greatest VALUE for our clients, for which the safety, the commitment of our people and the infrastructure constitute the pillars where our company will be based. organization to achieve it.

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